At Ecocanem we are producers of organic legumes of Spanish origin. We are one of the most important exporting companies of legumes, where the excellence of our products has allowed us to take them all over the world.

We sow and select the best legumes from each region of the country. The Pedrosillano and Lechoso Chickpea from Andalusia, the Pardina and Castellana lentils from Castilla and the Ganxet Beans (Protected Designation of Origin), from Catalonia. We also have National White Quinoa, of excellent quality.

Our experience in exporting has also allowed us to be importers of products from third countries, such as cocoa, panela cane sugar or chia seed.

Our products have the following characteristics: Organic, vegan, GMO-free (NO GMO) and Gluten-free (Gluten Free).

We cultivate all our fields in an ecological way, respecting biological cycles. We control all production processes, from sowing to final packaging. We are committed to sustainability and when the product allows it, we are committed to plastic-free packaging.

All our products have the international IFS and ISO FSS 22,000 certification and the ecological certification UE of the competent body from each region of the country.

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