Hemp milk shelled

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• 120 g shelled hemp seeds
• A point of sal Himalaya
• 20 g of panela sugar
• 1 literof water


1. We add hemp seeds to the blender
2. We add a little salt Himalaya
3. Add panela sugar
4. Pass everything through the blender
5. We connect with a filter or kitchen mesh
6. We remove the humus that has remained inside the filter or strainer


– You can add vanilla extract, cinnamon or other flavors to taste to give other flavor colors.
– You can drink cold milk (like an horchata) or hot milk like conventional milk.
– Mixed with coffee or tea or adding cereals etc.

Note: The hemp hummus is very tasty spread on bread, toast or mixed with yoghurts and smoothies. It is delicious and is also a source of nutrients.

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